Unsecured Funding Source Security

Unsecured Funding Source's principal goal in collecting personal and or business information is to provide you with an efficient and customized financing event.

Unsecured Funding Source respects your privacy and is determined to protecting your information online and otherwise. Your online transactions will be handled with the same care used in personal, face to face transactions and your information will be handled responsibly and stored in a secure server on protected property in accordance with federal and state consumer information law and regulations.

Unsecured Funding Source Provides Security Safeguards online and at all facilities To Protect Customer Information:
Advanced technology and management systems are used online and at our facilities to execute security measures, audit and manage information provided by our clients.

Unsecured Funding Source Protects your Information online:
Information sent or received via our online presence is backed by the most advanced technology available. Our website utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology to certify that your information cannot be stolen or copied during transmission to our servers. SSL validation technology also verifies the identity of not only the computer sending your information, but also that of the computer receiving it. This provides a safeguard from unauthorized access to your information as well as a trail following the transaction.

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